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At The Center for Integrative Wellness Our "Specialty" is You. We are Lansing, Michigan's only licensed naturopathic physicians and work for you to get to the root cause of your healthcare concerns. At our center we offer a safe, effective, affordable, and individualized healthcare approach. Our mission is to provide quality evidence based alternatives to Michigan residents seeking holistic medicine, ways to complement their conventional healthcare, or education about how lifestyle changes can promote wellness to optimize their lives.  Located in Lansing's Old Town, we have a patient oriented practice that combines science based approaches like nutrition, dietary interventionherbal/botanical medicine, and lifestyle modifications with your current conventional medicine for a truly integrative approach. If you are seeking quality holistic medicine that is natural, effective, safe, and patient centered then call today for a free 10-minute consult with a naturopathic physician. During your naturopathic medicine consult you can become a new patient or simply learn what we can do to improve your overall health and promote wellness. If we feel that The Center for Integrative Wellness is not your best option during the consult we will gladly refer you to someone that we believe can help you regain your health.

Meet Dr. Nicholas Morgan Naturopathic Physician

"I love helping people achieve their healthcare goals. My approaches include educating patients, making life-style recommendations, doing functional lab analysis, or providing them with specific supplements. I specializes in integrative rheumatology, functional medicine, weight management, nutrigenomics, managing the methylation cycle, and using motivational interviewing to help people make long term changes to their life."

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Integrative medicine doctors committed to serving Mid-Michigan

Lansing MichiganAt The Center for Integrative Wellness we are committed to helping you reach your healthcare goals. We provides holistic alternatives for various health conditions including natural medicine for thyroid disorders, gastrointestinal problems, arthritis, anxiety, fatigue, and depression. We also provide natural approaches for weight loss, insomnia, diabetes, and many more medical conditions. Everyone can benefit from Naturopathic medicine but after talking with one of our holistic doctors during your free 10-minute consultation if we do not feel that naturopathic medicine is your best option we might suggest you follow up with a physical therapist, medical doctor, chiropractor, or any other type of health care professional. Our “Specialty” is You, is our slogan because holistic medicine means treating the entire individual and not just putting them on a health program. We use our holistic medicine knowledge to partner with you to help facilitate you reaching your specific healthcare goals. Creating personalized treatment plans that are comprehensive yet realistic is our top priority.  Because of our training, willingness to refer, and goal to make our patients our priority we feel that The Center for Integrative Wellness is one of the best holistic medicine centers in Michigan.

A functional medicine approach that works for you

We do not offer a one size fits all approach to health and wellness. Everyone is unique therefore we take our time to learn about you as an individual. This requires an in depth interview followed by a collaborative effort between you and Dr. Nicholas Morgan so that your personalized plan can be completed. This type of care goes by many names (holistic medicine, functional medicine, homeopathic medicine, and etc.) but we just call it good medicine. Dr. Nicholas Morgan is able to personalize your healthcare because he has over 10,000 hours of training from medical doctors, osteopath physicians, physical therapist, functional medicine doctors, chiropractors, and naturopathic doctors. This level of training allows for a truly comprehensive view of symptoms and potential approaches that might be beneficial. We do not order thousands of dollars worth of functional medicine labs because at The Center for Integrative Wellness we truly believe that a patient's history is the most valuable clinical tool. Therefore we have in depth intake paperwork and a comprehensive interview to discovery how we can best serve you. Expect to spend at least 1 hour during the initial appointment and 15-45 minutes for follow up visits. After your initial intake we may refer you back to your medical doctor or request testing if more information is needed.

Methylation management to optimize your physical and mental health

Personalized Methylation MedicineOne of Dr. Morgan's many interests is nutrigenomics and methylation management. This works well for more complicated symptom pictures because making generalized recommendations can work well for many conditions but the answer is not always so simple. Looking at patient's genetics and methylation processes can give insight into their ability to produce neurotransmitters, detoxify their body, and regulate cell processes. How well these biochemical reactions function determine if you are sensitive to vaccinations, perfumes, sulfur drugs, and etc. This cycle also determines if you have a increased risk for seasonal affective disorder (SAD), schizophrenia, depression, heart disease, autoimmune diseases, and etc. The Methylation Cycle can be very confusing but sometimes it is the key to recovering your health. We cannot change your DNA, but nutrigenomics is looking at how nutrients interact with your genes to optimize these pathways. With genetic testing we can help you regain your health by finding your methylation weaknesses and either supporting them nutritionally or by withholding compounds that you do not metabolize well.

We provide integrative medicine solutions that work for you

Functional, Naturopathic, Homeopathic, Holistic, Integrative, Doctors Medicine for the whole familyPeople seek natural medicine for various reasons. Some patients may want a second opinion after failed attempts at conventional medicine. Others are looking for a more therapeutic relationship with their doctor. Many patients believe in the importance of nutrition and diet and simply want to work with a doctor knowledgeable in homeopathy, nutritional medicine, botanical medicine, and life style modification. Whatever the reason, many people value having a naturopathic doctor on their healthcare team because we take the time to listen to patients and work with them to create individualized treatment plans that are both realistic yet helpful for the patient. Everyone is unique and deserves to have their concerns addressed with an open-mind and holistic approach. People are different, for example nutritional needs depend upon your genes, relationships with food vary, willingness to make changes are different, and patient goals may have nothing to do with the physician's goals. We provide patient centered care to create a partnership to help you reach your goals.

Naturopathic doctors provide you with a truly comprehensive experience

World Class Holistic MedicineNaturopathic Medical training focuses on options beyond drugs and surgery. This is achieved by treating the patient as an individual so that their unique physiology can be supported. We work with the patient to address the root causes of their disease. Once we have a theory we create a patient centered plan that helps you reach your goals. We do this by taking a thorough history, performing functional lab tests, as well as potential performing genetic testing. Treatment plans include things like stress management, nutritional medicine, exercise, improving sleep quality, volunteering, or simply drinking more water. Functional medicine tests are sometimes performed to confirm a diagnosis or to rule out potentially life threatening diseases.